About Fitness Fusion

Fitness Fusion was established in 2004 and specialises in providing quality fitness machines directly into your home with our equipment sales and services.

In a market flooded with cheap, limited life products that haven't been designed to give you a great workout experience, but are just made to be as cheap as possible, WE OFFER A SELECT, SUPERIOR RANGE.  We pride ourselves on our range of high quality, proven equipment from reputable long term suppliers.  Then we back it up with excellent service, both in meeting your initial needs and providing ongoing equipment service and support. We have a unique in home warranty that means any servicing is carried out by us in your home or if necessary, we collect and return it to your home ready to go.  And because our equipment is of the highest quality you will love using it and it will become a long term key to meeting your health and fitness aspirations.

Please phone us anytime on 0800 23 22 21

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